Frequently Asked Questions


How can you write for my field that is complex in technique?

Our writers are sound in technical aspects as well as writing. The initial findings and research phase, which includes in-depth interviews with subject matter experts ensures that we understand your business pretty well. We are analyzing your industry, your buyers and their behavior, and how visitors are interacting with your site, before we start writing.


What types of businesses do you work with?

We provide corporate content for sectors like healthcare, lifestyle, marketing, real estate, banking, finance, management, Information Technology, food and beverage, science, arts, sports, energy mechanics, entertainment and literature.


Can you just create content without all the other inbound marketing deliverables?

Yes, but there are requirements. We have clients who only need help creating regular content such as blog posts and e-books. These companies already have the foundations for inbound/content marketing (i.e. editorial strategy, keyword strategy, tracking and measurement) in place already, and they just need help with their strategy execution. That said, we do have a minimum monthly retainer for clients in need of premium content only.


What if I’m not in for a long contract?

It would not be an issue. We recommend that businesses start by laying the groundwork with some essential strategy. We offer a Marketing Performance Review where we will define your goals, research your competition, define your buyer personas, conduct SEO research, and examine the technical aspects of your site—and based on all this, develop a comprehensive, strategic inbound marketing game plan.


How are you unique from others?

We give unlimited revision support and on-call expert's support without any extra charge. Most of our writers are doctorates with 5 plus years of experience. Also, we prefer to engage Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to write and review your work to provide high-quality output. We do provide tutoring support for your better understanding.


What are the payment methods available?

NEFT, DD, SWIFT, Cheque, Cash and DD are the options available for payment..