Automobiles Industry

Motivation includes training that equips employees to ensure output meets standards. reknowly arms employers with the tools to train employees. Our expertise in putting together manuals and training content helps transform training and procedures to simplified processes with results that help companies to punch above their weights.

Banking Finance Securities Insurance

The challenges to BFSI lie within and not external. BFSI is intended to function within regulations and compliances of a dynamic nature. It is hence of paramount importance that generated reports and proposals are crisp. Ambiguous information in any format in BFSI can work at cross purposes, befuddling a potential hot prospect.


We offer a host of peerless services backed by scholarly expertise difficult to match. The manuscripts we create, the text books we assist in authoring, the quality reviews we offer with authority and the training resources we help compile are ahead of traditional concepts, with incredible results.

FMCG Industry

The combined value of the global FMCG markets and Retail Sales is upwards of 30 trillion USD. With volumes such as these, it is only natural that entities enter in hordes, intending to have a share of the pie. As markets get crowded, with products and companies jostling for space, it is necessary to hit the ground running.


Our offerings to stakeholders have helped in an overall improvement, through reports, proposals, web content and editorial services. Our expertise combined with professionalism of organisations in hospitality have proved to be a potent combination, helping firms to notch up success.

Life Science Industry

One of the more dynamic and greatest contributions to medical science has been the all encompassing field of Life Sciences. Critical in journey of discovery and the commercialisation of unravelled mysteries of the human body, Life Sciences has helped shape research and medical intervention.

Manufacturing Industries

Automation and increased use of computers have improved quality and pace of output, whilst simultaneously demanding skilled operators. Human intervention in processes, though minimised, have not been replaced with machines. Rather, the need for highly trained manpower exists across the manufacturing horizon. The reins remain in the hands of humans.

Medical Healthcare Industry

reknowly is the perfect foil for organisations that work in the Medical and Health Sector. Our extensive experience and association with healthcare lends us greater prowess in writing. Consequently, our reports are shining examples of how convergence of knowledge and expression can bring out the best reports.

Oil and Energy

Compiling reports and putting together proposals in oil and energy calls for a deeper understanding of the turf. reknowly offers expert curation of content with superior drafting in standardized formats for the Oil and Energy sector. Our deliverables include proposals, reports, web content, presentations, E-learning and a host of services that help businesses negotiate the highly competitive and fast paced sector.

Pharma Industry

Pharma has been at the frontiers of healthcare through cutting edge research, unearthing new formulations. Pharma is poised to play a major role in improving life span while improving the quality of life and the effectiveness of interventions in ailments. If numbers are an indication to go by, then, the number of players in pharma highlight the demand and supply equation.

Publishing Industry

Content is the raison d’etre for Publishing. Providing factually correct content in a manner that helps retention of facts contributes to the success of publishing. Semantics, context, technical descriptions, references… the list of jigsaw pieces of publishing are seemingly endless. Every word, every comma, anything that is printed needs to pass muster under the editorial lens of subject matter experts and editors.

Software and IT industries

Over a period of around fifty years, when it first came into existence, Software and IT have transformed every single aspect of life and business, without exceptions. Such is the power of Software and IT that entire sectors have revamped processes and changed equipment to support, what has been touted as an solution with the most far reaching impact.


Generating reports, creating a sales pitch or putting together a manual calls for expert skills. It is a niche segment, which cannot be replaced with multiple rounds of drafting and corrections. The content needs to pack a punch, with statistics, information, plans and case studies. Stitching everything together with a narrative calls for skills.