White papers in the Oil Gas industry

Organizations both large and small within the oil & gas sector are using white papers today to leverage its vast potential. A quick search on the internet would reveal how the oil & gas sector is using white papers with prolific alacrity

Software Manuals Unraveled

The objective of this white paper is to provide an insight into the intricacies of developing a software manual. It also looks into the components that go into producing an effective and high-quality software manual. This white paper also emphasizes the need for outsourcing software manual development to external agencies.

Role of White Papers in a Marketing Mix

No business is unique. Every time a new business is commenced, within a short span of time, it can expect a spurt in the number of organizations operating in the market with similar business models. Basically, you can expect competitors in any and every field of business. However, the trick lies in staying ahead of the competition.

Increasing ROI through white papers

Outsourcing has been shown to have many benefits in today’s competitive business market. It can be used in providing the white paper writing service for pharmaceutical industries. These white papers can, in turn, increase the revenue of pharmaceutical companies.