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The current environment is highly competitive wherein competition is omnipresent in every sphere of life. People face tough competition when they are applying for higher education at elite institutes that offer courses on professional education. It could either be medical, engineering, law, business administration or any other relevant stream of education. Students aspire to obtain admission within these prestigious institutes with a view to achieve career success and command a better position and remuneration within the corporate sector. Competition is also rife within the public sector where prospective job seekers try to acquire jobs in the public sector it could either be the railways, banking and several other sectors. Then there are those who are keen to enter into civil services or find recruitment in the defense forces. Entry in all these domains is highly challenging and requires rigorous preparation. This warrants the need for competitive examination materials that are powerful and effective which can enable students to gain entry into institutions and establishments of their choice.
reknowly provides students with the opportunity to crack through competitive examinations with ease by offering competitive examination materials that students can use to gain knowledge. The knowledge thus gained can help students to break the entry barrier and secure admission to institutions of their choice or find suitable employment. The competitive examination material that we offer is precise, accurate and suits the requirement of the students.

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Our Approach

The approach we use while creating competitive examination material is holistic where we take into account the need for the competitive content, the target audience and the factors that institutions or public sector undertakings look into while selecting a candidate or granting admission. Based on these pre-conditions we focus on content development for competitive examinations. Our approach here is distinct to each of the sectors because we don’t follow the ‘one size fits all approach’. Hence, competitive examination content development is conducted by understanding the sector. The content would be structured differently for gaining admission to medical colleges and it would be different for engineering. The content would also vary on the basis of specific institutions. For instance; competitive examination content development to elite institutes like IIT and IIM would be different from competitive course material for other institutions. Similarly, content that works for civil services may not work for being enlisted in defense services. Thus, our approach helps us to create exclusive content for every individual competitive examination.

Our Offerings

The competitive examination content development services would comprise of

  • Creating competitive examination material for entry into Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).
  • Competitive examination content development for gaining a seat in the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM)
  • Our competitive examination content development also enables students to make their way into the civil services sector (IAS, IPS, IFS).
  • Competitive examination materials provided by us also allow students to prepare and secure seats in the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC).
  • We provide competitive examination content development services that enable people to secure placements in public sector undertakings like banks, income tax,
  • Life Insurance Corporation and get enlisted within the armed forces.
  • Our competitive examination materials also prepare students to clear highly competitive examinations like TOEFL, GMAT.

reknowly Advantage

The style of writing adopted by our annual report writing services experts is such that it is at par with international standards.

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  • Specialized Experts: Our team of experts is well versed with the requirements of every competitive exam and creates competitive examination materials that are designed to hone the higher faculties of students. This facilitates them to clear competitive examinations on their first attempt.
  • Customized Content: Expert writers who are entrusted with the task of creating competitive examination materials customize the content to suit the specific requirements of the institution
  • Higher Success Rate: The competitive examination content development services that we extend is rigorous which enhances the success rate for students.
  • One Stop Source: We are an organization that can be a one stop source for all your requirements for competitive examination materials. The content we develop for competitive examinations is not restricted to one exam but we cover the whole gamut of competitive exams.


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