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Developing educational content for course materials is an intricate aspect in the learning process. The instructors approach to learning and teaching is powerfully indicated through course materials. Course materials play a significant role when it comes to extending support within the classroom environment as well as beyond the classroom. Course materials should be created such that it essentially comprises of content which have been effectively utilized within the learning environment in the past and is in tandem with the teaching ideology. Course materials that both regular and distance education students receive will present them with an idea about the course that they are pursuing. It will also allow them with a robust background that will help them sail through the duration of the course. Course materials for distance education students would incorporate introductory or support elements such as seminars, private tutorials, lab sessions and lectures. For regular students, course materials act as an extension of classroom learning. Thus, course materials play an intrinsic role within education and hence it is often a challenge to create course materials that embody the learning purpose.
reknowly offers exceptional course material writing services where the content that we provide presents the student with a clear idea about what the course entails and the manner in which they will receive learning. We develop a wide range of course materials based on the principles of learning theories that facilitate self-learning. Course material content that we develop is aimed at both regular and distance education students. Our end-to-end services enable educational institutions in pre-planning, planning, authoring and production stages.

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Our Approach

We adopt a rather unique approach while extending course material writing services. The process of writing course material is not initiated till such time that we get a clear picture of the course framework. This is particularly beneficial in understanding the target audience, their specific needs, audience features, the key learning objectives and outcomes, topics, structure of the course and the plan for assessment. The said factors can have a major impact on how the course material is styled and structured. Since the learning requirements of regular learners can be different from those of distance learners, course materials are structured keeping the distinct requirements of students in mind. This approach towards course material writing is essentially what distinguishes our services.

Our Offerings

Course material writing services that we offer would comprise of the following

  • Course material content that we create is designed by keeping in mind the specific requirements of the learners.
  • The content that we write while creating course materials is structured to make an impact and achieve the learning objectives.
  • We provide course material writing services to educational institutions that cater to regular students as well as those enrolled in distance learning programmes.
  • Course materials that we create are aimed to meet the requirements of undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate programmes.
  • Our course material writing services would also encompass writing for assignments, exercise, handouts, rubrics, presentations, lesson plans and peer reviews.

reknowly Advantage

The style of writing adopted by our annual report writing services experts is such that it is at par with international standards.

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  • Subject Matter Experts: Our team of course material writers is subject matter experts who specialize in several subjects such as; accounting, business and environment, business and government relations, entrepreneurship, finance, general management, healthcare care, human resource management, international business, marketing, organizational behaviour, sales, social enterprise, strategy and supply chain management.
  • Relevant Content: Expert writers who are entrusted with the task of writing course materials ensure that the content they create is relevant and matches the learning requirements of the institution as well as the students.
  • Diverse Mediums: The medium used for delivering course materials can vary depending upon the requirements of the educational institution. It could either be in print format or could be delivered through electronic mediums.
  • Structured Content: Course material writing services that we extend is structured such that the content is split into logical sections segregated on the basis of topic or depending upon the length of a particular topic.
  • Summarization: While providing course material writing services, we ensure to summarize the topics at the conclusion which presents the learner with a gist of what was covered within the topic.


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