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eLearning Content Development can begin from simply making PowerPoint decks with audio into a Learning Management System to a complex and custom interactive multimedia experience. The content development method that you take will be founded upon the eminence and intricacy of the eLearning you wish to produce. For instance, you can use a tool like Articulate Presenter to swiftly convert a PowerPoint file into an online eLearning course in no time. Though, lest you are a professional level voice talent with a fairly good sound studio and you are a qualified graphic artist with a knack for design, your course may not be deemed as great as courses advanced by skilled professionals in each area of eLearning development companies in competition.

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Our Approach

reknowly’ eLearning content development service is in concurrence to the definite wants and necessities of each of our clients and their user base. This may involve creating short rapid courses. For larger scale projects, it may include the design, development and delivery of media rich games, exploratory 3D environments and virtual simulations. Whatever be the requirement, reknowly ensures application of knowledge in a learner’s daily activity through best-in-class instructional design techniques. With employment-relevant storylines and client-specific scenarios, our solutions transfer core knowledge in an engaging manner assuring users’ confidence in learning. reknowly’ custom solutions can also be designed to meet the various language requirements, cultural differences and learning levels of a global workforce. Combined with our ability to organize across many platforms and devices, learners can access knowledge at a time and place that is convenient for them.

Our Offerings

E-learning content development services that we offer would also include

  • Custom eLearning: reknowly helps create exclusive e-learning solutions tailored for a learner's specific needs.
  • Rapid authoring: Rapid Authoring Tools aids save time by providing the solution to develop e-learning content for instantaneous training needs.
  • eLearning localization: We at reknowly offer translation and language services to convert knowledge resources into many languages and dialects.
  • Instructor led training: We help make an instructor-led training visually appealing, technology-driven, cooperative and instructionally enhanced.
  • Game based learning: reknowly has also expertise in developing comprehensive courses on a gaming platform or short games fused into regular e-learning courses.
  • Mobile learning: We at reknowly have wide experience of creating m-learning content for delivery in any mobile, irrespective of its OS and uniform viewing experience in them.
  • Consulting and Advisory: Onshore and domain-specific learning Counsellors help organizations with prior analysis and audit existing training scenario to create operative training design.
  • Course Content and Specification access: Online courses developed by our panel of subject matter experts provide a range of available online courses at your disposal.

reknowly Advantage

The style of writing adopted by our annual report writing services experts is such that it is at par with international standards.

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  • Field experts: Personalised hands who are known for their excellence in language are allocated work.
  • Eye for detail: Despite scholarly matter for each course based on the client and their needs, we also make sure we make suggestions about the courses as we have had a lot of prior experience developing content for many online courses, this helping our clients to keep a track of the upcoming trends in each field, among various eLearning content providers.
  • Deadlines kept: We are not like many firms that promise the completed work on one date and turn in the same to the client on another. We see to that our experts work well ahead in time to match the deadline that is promised from our side, this avoiding any last minute hassle.
  • Cost within means: We consider it important to make our clients comfortable with all the aspects of our firm, one significant factor of which is cost. In order to maintain our clients, we offer our services at a cost that does not exceed your budget.
  • Number of scrutinies: We allow our clients to see early versions of your content and have the opportunity to feedback until you are completely happy with your design.


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