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Literature review, as the name suggests necessitates the need for executing an extensive review of relevant literature published by authors in the past. The key objective of a literature review in the academic domain is to indicate that the person conducting the literature review has read and reviewed a substantial number of papers to further their research. It is also aimed at indicating that the researcher has acquired ample knowledge through the perused literature that is relevant to a specific topic in their area of research. The literature review would involve the reading through literature presented in any format, it could either be by perusing hardbound books or papers or referring to online sources. Online sources would comprise of papers published in academic journals. The literature review could either be a distinct assignment or could be a part of a thesis or dissertation. In case the literature review is expected to be conducted as an aspect of a dissertation or thesis, the literature review would be based on the objectives of the research and will help the researcher in advancing their research. But, literature review writing is not an easy task especially in the case of dissertations or thesis. Literature review writing presents several challenges and in case these challenges are not aptly addressed, the research would lack credibility.
reknowly extends literature review writing services that are structured in a manner to address the research challenges. Literature review writing services that we extend are designed to help the researcher to meet their research objectives and further his research while adding credibility to the overall research.

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Our Approach

Understanding the objective behind a literature review, reknowly helps researchers with their literature review writing tasks using a refined approach where every challenge is adeptly addressed. Prior to providing literature review writing services, we get an idea about the research objectives and structure the literature review such that it adds credibility to the research. We ensure that the literature review is not just a summarized description of researches conducted in the past by others. Rather we structure it in the form of a critical discussion. Critical discussion within a literature review adds detailed perception and awareness of diverse arguments, approaches and theories. Through our approach, we ensure that the literature review writing we execute emerges as a synthesis and analysis of research conducted in the past while associating it with the objectives and logic of the current research.

Our Offerings

Our literature review writing services would entail the following:-

  • Before commencing the task of literature review writing we understand the objectives of the research.
  • We ensure that literature review that we execute purviews extensive literature conducted in the past by referring to books, online journals and publications. We refer to literature that is available from various online sources like Emerald Insight, Science Direct, Elsevier and other prominent sources.
  • We adopt a compare and contrast method while extending literature review writing services. Theories presented by several researchers are compared with other researchers which help in either correlating the works with each other or contrasting it.
  • We provide literature review writing services that could either be individual or would be a part of a thesis, dissertation or manuscript.

reknowly Advantage

The style of writing adopted by our annual report writing services experts is such that it is at par with international standards.

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  • Subject Matter Experts: We have a diverse team of writers who are subject matter experts and they are allotted literature review writing assignments on the basis of their expertise. We have individual teams to execute literature review writing for medical, literature, management, history and other categories.
  • Structured Content: Expert writers who are entrusted with the task of literature review writing ensure that the content they create is structured accordingly. The literature review is structured such that similar theories presented by different authors are grouped together for easy reference.
  • Timely Delivery: We ensure that literature review writing services meet the timelines as specified by the researcher which ensures that their research work is completed and submitted to the university within the specified time frame.
  • Cost Effective: Literature review writing services that we offer are at the best prices which are quite low as compared to other service providers. But, low price does not mean that the quality is compromised. We ensure that we deliver high quality literature review.
  • Plagiarism Free: While we are known to review significant literature to write superior quality literature reviews, we ensure that we avoid plagiarism at all times.


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