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Researchers who have a valid idea and direction for research are often debilitated by lack of funds. A successful research is often driven by external funding. But acquiring the funding is the difficult part. Whether the researcher acquires the funding they require depends on the manner in which the research grant proposal is written. In view of this factor, an increasing significance has been accorded to research grant proposal writing. This is purely due to the fact that resources are being strained with a pressure to publish while it is not easy to obtain funding for research. Irrespective of the ground breaking research ideas that researchers may have, whether their research would see the light of the day depends on funding. To ensure that they receive funding for their research, there is a need to create research grant proposals that are compelling and persuasive at the same time. A compelling research grant proposal would enable researchers to convince committees offering grants for research to fund their research. As a matter of fact, research grant proposal writing is considered to be a challenge that outweighs any challenge presented by the actual research.
Research grant proposal writing services from reknowly is trustworthy, reliable, easily accessible and cost-effective. Our proposals are 100% original and non-plagiarized. Our research grant proposal writing services ensures that your proposal is presented in the best way and convinces the grant committee. Availing our research grant proposal writing services, clients are assured of high-quality services that facilitate them to obtain the funding they require for research.

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Our Approach

reknowly adopts a three pronged approach where we first understand the purpose of the research, the benefit the research would have on the whole and the agency from where the researcher is keen to acquire funding. Based on these three factors, we create research grant proposals that meet the requirements of the funding agency which ensures that the researcher obtains the funds required for the research. This approach is particularly beneficial if the researcher is keen to acquire funding from multiple agencies. The format and requirements of the research grant proposal might vary from agency to agency. We are aware of the myriad guidelines that various agencies have and help researchers create research grant proposals that are customized to match the requirements of the intended agency.

Our Offerings

Research grant proposal writing services that we offer would encompass the following

  • We create a detailed plan before commencing the task of research grant proposal writing.
  • We enable researchers to prepare the mandatory supporting documents that accompany a research grant proposal.
  • Research grant proposals created by us outline crucial information such as; research description, benefits and budgets.
  • We facilitate researchers to draft a letter of intent.
  • We initially furnish a draft proposal / application to the researcher and based on the researcher’s feedback the final copy is created.
  • We help the researcher with the process of submitting the research grant proposal and continuously track the status of the application.
  • Research grant proposals created by us indicate the compliance standards that are required to be met.
  • We undertake extensive editing of the research grant proposal to ensure the proposal is compelling and persuasive.
  • We also facilitate the researcher by identifying new sources for funding.

reknowly Advantage

The style of writing adopted by our annual report writing services experts is such that it is at par with international standards.

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  • Extensive Research: Prior to commencing the research proposal writing, our experts undertake extensive research about the funding agency and get an understanding about the mission and objectives of the agency. Most funding agencies reject research proposals if the objectives of the research do not match the mission and objectives of the agency.
  • Understanding the Grant Committee: Since the research proposals are read by knowledgeable individuals from the grant committee, we acquire a detailed understanding about them. This enables us to identify areas where the committee members look for elaboration on the subject and structure the research grant proposal accordingly.
  • Adhering to Agency Guidelines: By adhering to agency guidelines while extending research grant proposal writing services we ensure that the most significant aspects within the proposals are not overlooked. All details such as researcher’s resume, itemized budget or approval from institutional review board are included as supporting documents. Particular attention is paid to the presentation wherein we use the right fonts and adhere to the line spacing, margins, page layout as prescribed in the guidelines.
  • Turnaround Time: As we are experienced in creating research grant proposals we are able to create proposals within short deadlines. Even with adequate time on our hands, we are known to deliver completed proposals before the time specified.


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