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In the academic realm, textbooks have been an integral tool used for effectively imparting education. Though textbooks are considered as conventional educational tools, they are still valid in the present digital era. Textbooks have been known to be indispensible documents with the potential to make an impact on the minds of the learners and its widespread usage in the current era exemplifies its validity. Learning when supported with textbooks, present learners with an affluent assortment of measurable facts and new ideas. It is often created by a single author or by multiple authors and the content they create has been and will continue to play a critical role in shaping the careers of students while adding value to their academic endeavours. But the key here is to understand the learning requirements of students as well as the curriculum. A lot of research goes into the creation of a textbook and it is a rather elaborate process. Research is required as the content has to be relevant and up to date while the process is elaborate as several factors such as; curriculum, student requirements and learning outcomes have to be kept in mind.
reknowly offers textbook writing services that are designed to make an impact on the mind of the learner. Textbook writing services that we extend consider all the key factors such as research, requirements, learning outcomes, curriculum which enables us to write textbooks that are up to date, valid and add value to the learning process. We have subject matter experts within our team who have ample knowledge of diverse subjects and are quite capable of creating textbooks for various subjects. We collaborate with peers and scholars with the objective to enhance the quality of the content within the textbooks. By engaging us for textbook writing requirements, educational institutions can be assured of high quality content that can empower young minds.

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Our Approach

With a thorough understanding of the complexities involved in textbook writing, we use a structured approach wherein all key factors are taken into consideration. The structured approach would refer to planning each stage of the textbook writing process in a meticulous manner. At the outset, we understand the requirements of the educational institution and the grade for which the textbook is required. On the basis of this understanding, we structure the content in a manner which is relevant. Next, we attempt to get an idea about what students expect from a textbook. This process involves interacting with students and gathering inputs from them. Further research is undertaken to acquire up to date and relevant information from external experts. Following the research, the textbook writing process is initiated where we ensure that the content matches the curriculum and students will be able to achieve their intended learning outcomes. The structured approach is advantageous as it ensures that all key parameters are taken into consideration and nothing is missed out.

Our Offerings

TextBook writing services by reknowly offers

  • We extend textbook writing services that cater to diverse student populations where it could either be for nursery students or could be for students pursuing higher education or anything in between.
  • Textbook writing services that we offer is not restricted to one or two subjects but we engage in writing textbooks for math, science, history, psychology, law, computers and several other subjects
  • Our textbook writing services can have a dual impact as it not only enlightens the learners but it also helps educators to update their knowledge.
  • The content we provide within the textbooks is unambiguous, concise and can be easily comprehended by the students.
  • The graphic design team also provides top class layouts for the annual report with organization charts, diagrams and figures strategically placed.
  • The scope of our annual report writing services also extend to providing inputs or identifying any errors and flaws within any draft report that you have already created.
  • Proof read and peer review the complete annual report and advice on enhancements
  • Evaluation of your annual report against SEC

reknowly Advantage

  • Subject Matter Experts: Highly competent writers who have thorough industry knowledge, financial experts, editors and proofreaders and graphic designers.
  • Structured Content: Expert writers who are entrusted with the task of writing textbooks understand that the content needs to be appropriately structured for added advantage. Textbook writing services extended by us are structured for easy understanding while enhancing the presentation of the written content
  • Integrating Graphics: Textbook writing services we offer incorporates adequate images and graphics which adds value to the content and enables the learner to easily grasp information.
  • Better Resource Utilization: Textbook writing services we offer enables educational institutions and publishing houses to focus on their core area which is imparting education and publishing instead of worrying about textbook writing.


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