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The annual report of a company is the most significant document for any business as it enables the company to project their performance over the period of a year. An annual report holds much significance for all businesses as the report is circulated amongst existing stakeholders and potential investors. On the basis of the report, stakeholders are kept abreast about the performance of the business while potential investors make a decision on whether or not to invest in the business. The annual report is a document that would not only enlighten people about the financial performance but it would also encompass other activities of the company which would include their corporate social responsibility initiatives. Reporting on other activities adds credence to the commitment of the business to organizational as well as social objectives. Businesses are also bound by regulations to incorporate information within their annual reports that are relevant and accurate. While businesses have all the necessary information at hand, writing it succinctly and presenting it in the right manner is perceived as a challenging task.

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Our Approach

reknowly understands the significance of annual reports and extends unmatched annual report writing services. The approach adopted by reknowly while offering annual report writing services is rather tactical where we closely scrutinize and evaluate the information presented by the business. To add more depth to annual report writing, our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals closely interacts with management heads including CEOs, CFOs and obtains their insights. Information thus gathered is collated and structured to highlight the key activities and key performance areas of the business. Financial information is aptly presented through deftly structured tables, while charts and figures are creatively designed by our experts in graphic design. On the whole, annual report writing service offered by us is thoroughly professional with due attention given to details.

Our Offerings

Annual report writing services by reknowly offers businesses with

  • An expert team of creative writers who are proficient at annual report writing and are known to create reports that are precise and written with a flair that captures the interest of the readers.
  • The style of writing adopted by our annual report writing services experts is such that it is at par with international standards.
  • Apart from extending annual report writing services, our in-house team of graphic designers also enhances the aesthetic quality of the annual report through mesmerizing graphics.
  • The graphic design team also provides top class layouts for the annual report with organization charts, diagrams and figures strategically placed.
  • The scope of our annual report writing services also extend to providing inputs or identifying any errors and flaws within any draft report that you have already created.
  • Proof read and peer review the complete annual report and advice on enhancements
  • Evaluation of your annual report against SEC

reknowly Advantage

The style of writing adopted by our annual report writing services experts is such that it is at par with international standards.

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  • Specialized Experts: Highly competent writers who have thorough industry knowledge, financial experts, editors and proofreaders and graphic designers.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Professional annual report writing services extended by us will prove to be instrumental in highlighting the performance of the business thereby creating stakeholder engagement and attracting potential investors.
  • Save Time and Resources: Engaging us for your annual report writing requirements can free your human resources to focus on your business operations and thus save time spent on activities that they are not equipped to handle.
  • High Quality Professional Services: We provide high quality professional services which ensure that the annual report writing services extended by us is at par with international standards and fulfills your requirements.
  • Attention to Detail: Annual report writing experts at reknowly don’t just focus on the overall project but also look into the minutest details to ensure that the report is of high quality. Timely project delivery is ensured through resourceful thinking and prompt response.
  • Cost Effective: Our annual report writing services are cost effective that enables you to achieve your business objectives and goals without exceeding your budget.
  • Non-disclosure agreement: Prior to commencing the project, we mandatorily execute a non-disclosure agreement with you and our team members, with a view to maintain the highest level of confidentiality throughout the process.


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