Business Plan Development

Business plan development involves outlining the path that a business would take to realize their organizational objectives. Business plans essentially charts the course of an organization’s future through the medium of a structured roadmap that is designed to guarantee business success. The role of a business plan is not just restricted to outlining the future course of action but it is also pertinent when a business is keen to raise funds through bank loans, private investors, venture capitalists and grants. The embedded value presented through a business plan development is not about having a finished product in hand rather the value lies in the procedure involved in conducting research and critically thinking about the future course of the business in a systematic manner. Business plan development assumes much significance especially for start-ups as presenting ideas in a coherent and cohesive manner is intrinsic to raise business capital. In case the business is already established, business plan development may not be exclusively to raise funds but it would be to present the course that the business would take in front of investors and stakeholders.

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Our Approach

Irrespective of whether it is a start-up venture looking for seed capital or an established business that has plans for market expansion by raising funds through loans or seeking out investors, the business plan development services that reknowly offers enable the organization to chart out a robust roadmap for sustainable success. Since different businesses have different objectives and diverse requirements, our business plan development services can be customized to suit the specific requirement of businesses irrespective of the industry. On the basis of the requirements and specific objectives of the organization our team conducts extensive research into the industry and the particular competitive market that facilitates business plan development pertinent to the requirements. Our approach is to analyze both the internal as well as external environment and taking both these factors into consideration the business plan is developed. Through sound planning in business plan development we are able to help businesses to not only chart out their future course of action but also enhance their scope for receiving funding.

Our Offerings

Business plan development services offered by reknowly are such that we take all information pertaining to the client’s business and their strategic objectives. Business plan development services that we offer encompass:-

  • Business plans that are compliant for banks
  • Business plan development for franchising opportunities
  • Business plan development for attracting investors
  • Business plan development for non-profit organizations
  • We also extend financial advice
  • Create unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Resolve issues related to legality and compliance while recommending funding

reknowly Advantage

  • Specialized Experts: Highly competent planners and researchers who take into consideration and conduct a 4Ps business due diligence evaluation (People, Product, Potential and Profit – 53 parameters). In addition, we also conduct a 360 degree analysis that covers customers, suppliers, competitors and markets.
  • Save Time and Resources: Engaging us for your business plan development can free your human resources to focus on your business operations and thus save time spent on activities that they are not equipped to handle.
  • • High Quality Professional Services:We provide high quality professional services which ensure that the business plan development services extended by us are valid, sustainable, achievable and time bound. We also ensure that business plans developed for each individual client is unique and we avoid using the ‘one size fits all’ approach.
  • Attention to Detail: Business plan development experts at reknowly don’t just focus on the overall project but also look into the minutest details to ensure that business plan is sound and is designed to achieve the business goals and objectives.
  • Cost Effective: Our business plan development services are cost effective that enables you to chart your future course of action at reasonable rates.
  • Non-disclosure agreement: Prior to commencing the project, we mandatorily execute a non-disclosure agreement with you and our team members, with a view to maintain the highest level of confidentiality throughout the process.


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