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Biostatistics plays a critical role in clinical research. Biostatistics can be utilized to amass clinical data, analyze and interpret it and project the findings in a manner that is succinct and helps the researcher to draw intelligible insights. Simply put, biostatistics would refer to the application of statistics in furthering and utilizing restorative drugs in humans and animals and biostatistics are largely used to interpret data generated in the domain of biology. Achieving success in clinical trials and acquiring approvals for vital drugs largely depends on the accuracy of the data that has been subject to analysis. It is also imperative that the findings obtained by using biostatistics ascribes to the norms as outlined by regulatory bodies and is at par with international standards. Biostatistics has assumed a major significance over the past few decades, specifically in the realm of modern medicine. Biostatistics in modern medicine can be beneficial right from data analysis to predicting the effectiveness of a specific treatment to structuring clinical trials. But biostatistics can be a challenging proposition.
reknowly helps clinical research organizations and pharmaceutical companies to convert their raw data into information that is pertinent, intelligible and helps the organization derive actionable insights. reknowly understands the intricacies involved in bio-statistical activities and offers a comprehensive assortment of services that facilitates organizations to advance their research process in a thoroughly systematic manner. The bio-statistical team at reknowly offers statistical analysis for research purposes and clinical trials.

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Our Approach

The holistic approach adopted by us enables clinical research organizations and pharmaceutical companies to realize substantial and continuous research results. This approach towards bio-statistical outsourcing enables us to design, analyze and report clinical research in a wide range of therapeutic areas. We understand the objectives of the research and provide comprehensive bio-statistical outsourcing services where we not only help organizations to conduct bio-statistical analysis but if required, we also provide scientific manpower who have adequate knowledge in specific therapeutic areas. With our approach, we aim to provide all round biostatistics solutions while keeping in mind the regulatory framework and stringent norms prescribed for data security since clinical trials involve humans.

Our Offerings

Under bio-statistical outsourcing we extend the following services

  • Determining sample size
  • Protocol development
  • Bio-statistical analysis and reporting
  • Study randomization
  • Detailed plan for bio-statistical analysis
  • Extensive plan for bio-statistical programming
  • Extensive support for regulatory submissions
  • Support for Data Monitoring Board (DMB)
  • Bio-statistical consultancy services

We offer bio-statistical services to the following industry

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotech
  • Diagnostic
  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Research and Development Organizations

reknowly Advantage

The style of writing adopted by our annual report writing services experts is such that it is at par with international standards.

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  • Accurate Analysis: Our team involved in extending bio-statistical services has in-depth knowledge about the research domain and are adept at accurately analyzing and interpreting the data. The results that we deliver are thoroughly verified to extend flawless service.
  • Latest Software: Bio-statisticians at reknowly are facilitated with the latest software that enables them to analyze and interpret data accurately. Software used by our experts for rendering bio-statistical services would include; Revman, SPSS and SAS.
  • Adherence to Regulatory Norms: Bio-statistical outsourcing services that we provide ensure that the analysis is executed keeping in mind the regulatory norms. This procedure eases the process of submitting the results to regulatory bodies.
  • Better Resource Utilization: By outsourcing bio-statistical requirements, organizations can focus on their core area which is research.


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