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Copy Editing is a term that emerged in the recent decades to denote editing done in an organised fashion, errors being spotted in a systematic way that is preapproved by most academic/administrative/literary institutions as a norm of editing a word document. Why it has gained so much popularity and importance is simply because anybody in any arena of writing and reception needs an error free work. In today’s world of rat race, for the same cannot be devoted much time, due to which ‘copy editing’ is considered pragmatically plausible in every field of research or work. Since it is a known fact that language plays a major role in understanding, communication, instruction, documentation, production of ideas etc., copy editing services are on the rise, catering to the needs of the writers of various fields. .

reknowly offers exemplary copy editing services which can be leveraged by corporates and academics alike to enhance the quality of the content they create.

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Our Approach

Copy editing services at reknowly always serve the need of three constituencies: the author(s), the publisher and the readers. As the said, three parties share a basic desire; an error-free publication. Copy editing services at reknowly always see to that they cater to the needs of three stakeholders of producing a written document, the author/writer, the publisher/medium and the reader/audience. We know that these three build the context of the document, aiming at producing a document that is free of errors. We at reknowly are well experienced with copy editing to point out the usual errors or inconsistencies, usage of appropriate content, syntax, grammatical mistakes, typographical errors, etc. The importance of the incorporating the right kind of words for particular documents is well known to the editors at reknowly. The impression that words, sentence structures, coherence and use of punctuation gives is of primary importance as that is the first tenet of creating an effect in the reader, following which comes the content. We also strive for clarity, coherence, consistency, and correctness in service of the communication.

Our Offerings

Professional Copy Editing services by reknowly offers businesses with-

  • An expert team of creative writers who are aware of the methods of copyediting which are tacit and recognized as norms by academicians.
  • The role of our select experts at academic, administrative and creative fields is vital when it comes to reflecting their specific knowledge of what is demanded in each sort of writing, including things such as layout scheme and formatting.
  • reknowly offers various levels of copyediting services that include mechanical editing, correlating parts, language editing, content editing, permissions, and type-coding.
  • Our team includes hands experienced in the process of copy editing that they know what is typically anticipated of them from the authors, readers and publishers. We have the competence to swiftly scan, detect and correct grammatical and textual errors, proving our claim to be one of the topmost corporate copyediting services in the country.
  • Our journal formatting service adheres to your journal style sheet format and assures you of our quality journal formatting process. Layout, spacing or references; all are taken into consideration to meet the journal guideline.
  • reknowly is experienced in handling various style manuals such as ‘The Chicago Manual of Style and Words in to Type,’ the publication manual of the American Psychological Association and ‘The CSE Manual’, the New York Public Library Writers guide to style and Usage.
  • Excluding mere error correction, we at reknowly offer a exhaustive reading of your content and support with aesthetic quality, helping in enhancing the building of ideas.
  • We also provide peer-reviewing in terms of content creation, construction, coherence, flow, arrangement etc. which takes into account views or ideas of different hands of the academic circle.

reknowly Advantage

The style of writing adopted by our annual report writing services experts is such that it is at par with international standards.

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  • Skilled Experts: reknowly’ team of experts encompasses 500+ copyeditors who are specific subject expertise across the globe, well trained in their respective fields.
  • We guarantee you *no forfeiture or damage of any part of your manuscript *no extra errors from our part *no variation in connotation than what is intended by the writer, no extension of deadlines.
  • In addition to the common procedure of copy editing, we also ensure *Revising the structure and developing on the choice of words *Elimination of repetitions *Subject expertise for critical review of the manuscript
  • Quality-check: We make sure a complete quality check of the entire document is done after error correction is carried out.
  • Swift Delivery: The experts hand in the completed document well in advance so that there is unequivocally no lag in delivery to our clients.
  • Cordiality: Our experts are available round the clock to communicate with the clients, make alterations, discuss rectifications or provide propositions or apprising.
  • Confidentiality: No information about the document, client or requirement necessary are revealed to anybody other than the experts and the client.
  • Countless Fields of Expertise: reknowly offers expert hands at different fields such as Management, Medical, Life Science, Economics, Maths, Social, Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Statistics, them being broadly placed in creative, academic and business oriented fields at large.
  • Reasonable rates: Our services are provided at affordable rates, not compromising on excellent quality for the same, ensuring the continuity of our services.
  • Open to revisions: According to the whims and fancies of our clients, our experts are ready to make any number of revisions until we meet the careful requirements of the clients.


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