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Proofreading is perfecting a text document, be it academic, scientific, promotional, entrepreneurial or creative content. It involves finding and correcting errors concerning spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, style, typographical errors etc. It does not look all that tedious a work but they have their significance in writing, although it is the final step in your writing and editing process. A basic coherence of ideas and check for flow of thought should be done before going into what is called proofreading. Content when utilized effectively, can validate a company or individual as being competent. Whereas poor language, sentence structure, punctuation, grammar and misspellings upsets the responses from the audience or the evaluator.

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Our Approach

reknowly’ focus when it comes to proofreading and editing service is to ensure clarity, lucidity, validity, reliability, consistency, coherence and precision. Outsourcing with us assures our clients myriad publications of their writings. Our approach gives uniform importance to the writers, readers and the publisher. We ensure a thorough rectifying of errors that the author might have made, or the ones that the reader might deem incorrect, or the ones that the publishers find inefficient to be published. Professionals at reknowly will inspect the arrangement of sentences, in terms of mechanical errors and discrepancies in content and also set the layout and construct your content with coherence that is warranted.

Our Offerings

Since there are various categories of referencing styles the referencing services we offer would cover the following styles:-

  • An expert team of creative writers who are aware of the methods of proofreading which are easily understood and accepted as norms by academicians.
  • Our team comprises of hands experienced in the process of proofreading that they know what is usually expected of them from the authors, readers and publishers across the globe. We have the capability to quickly scan, detect and correct grammatical and textual errors, proving our claim to be one of the topmost professional proofreading services in the country.
  • Apart from error correction, we at reknowly offer a thorough reading of your content and contribute aesthetic quality to the same, helping in enhancing the construction of ideas.
  • Being one among the best corporate proofreading service providers, the role of our select Graphic Designers is also vital when it comes to particular layout scheme and formatting.
  • We also provide peer-reviewing in terms of content creation, construction, coherence, flow, arrangement etc. which takes into account views or ideas of different hands of the academic circle.
  • We strictly follow house style sheet, style manual, dictionary, grammar and usage guide and required specialty references.


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