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Employee training is a part and parcel of every organization today. By conducting regular employee training, the organization has a better scope of thriving in the highly competitive business environment. Regular employee training is also essential to enable employees to stay abreast about latest technologies, marketing tools, software and to prepare them to tackle unexpected challenges that may arise. To facilitate employee training, organizations need to have an employee training manual that outlines the procedures or informs employees about latest developments. Employee training manuals are important documents for all organizations that aim to enhance employee productivity through periodic trainings. Employee training manuals are essentially documents that employees are provided with by their training manager and these manuals can be referred by employees during the course of their functioning in future. Employee training manuals are designed to upgrade and enhance the skills of employees and prepare them to match pace with the changing competitive environment and to tackle day to day challenges in business. While most training is conducted orally, the scope for employees to forget what has been taught is quite high. Employee training manuals act as a tool which employees can refer, to recollect what has been taught during the training session. But the challenge here is writing employee training manuals which capture the knowledge being imparted.
reknowly aids organizations by writing employee training manuals that are designed to incorporate the knowledge organizations intend to convey in a detailed manner. Writing employee training manuals is one of the key services that we offer. We understand the need for organizations to acquire an edge over their competitors and extend our services in writing employee training manuals that are relevant and make an impact.

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Our Approach

The approach we use while writing employee training manuals is rather holistic. We first conduct a background research to understand the objectives of the organization and its need for training. We also look into the size of the organization and the frequency with which training is conducted before actually writing employee training manuals. Since content plays a key role within employee training manuals, we engage in brainstorming sessions with training managers to understand the content that will be delivered. On the basis of the information we amass, we write employee training manuals that encompass the training content to be delivered during the training session, in detail. Employee training manuals that we create are designed to be powerful, make an impact and have an instant recall value.

Our Offerings

The services that we offer while writing employee training manuals would include:

  • We offer to write employee training manuals of three types; one which informs new employees about the policies and practices, the other informs employees about best practices that need to be followed while executing specific projects or tasks and lastly manuals that are designed to upgrade the knowledge of employees.
  • Employee training manuals that we write are structured and designed in the form of small handbooks that are easy to carry. But, depending upon the requirements of the organization the employee training manual can be custom designed as large workbooks or ledgers.
  • While writing employee training manuals we ensure to incorporate all pertinent information which allows employees to improve their operational and intellectual abilities. This allows employees to enhance their productivity levels thereby improving organizational efficiency.
  • The task of writing employee training manuals is a collaborative effort on our part which combines the knowledge and inputs of the trainers and industry trends to ensure the information is up to date and relevant to the competitive environment.

reknowly Advantage

The style of writing adopted by our annual report writing services experts is such that it is at par with international standards.

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  • Specialized Experts: The team of experts who are entrusted with the task of writing employee training manuals is well aware about diverse industry sectors and has a clear idea about the kind of training that an organization is looking at.
  • Structured Content: The content incorporated within the employee training manual is structured in a manner that renders it easy for employees to derive information.
  • Simple Language: While writing employee training manuals, we ensure the use of simple language so as to make it easy for the employees to understand the learning being imparted. We refrain from using any complex or confusing terms.
  • Up to Date Information: The information that we incorporate while writing employee training manuals is up to date and is pertinent with the changing competitive environment. This enables employees to stay abreast with latest innovations and helps organization to maintain a competitive edge.


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