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Software manuals are an integral document to any software. Software manuals enhance the usability of the software and familiarize end-users with its salient features and provide them with valuable inputs to using it effectively. Every software right from computer software to flight simulation software or software for engineering applications requires software manuals. The sole purpose of software manuals is not restricted to providing detailed insights into the salient features of the software or to help end-users to navigate their way around the software but it also provides information about how to install the software and important security features. While software developers may be experts in creating innovative software, they may not be equipped with the skills to write software manuals. Most organizations are also devoid of experts who can successfully execute the task of creating software manual. In the event that software manuals are created by software developers or other inexperienced writers, the end product might tend to be confusing, may not be informative and might not have the desired impact. Hence it is mandatory to engage the services of professionals who are well-versed with the technicalities of creating software manuals.
reknowly, a pioneer in offering content development services and are known to create software manuals that are informative, precise and meet the purpose with which the manual is created. Software manual writing services that we offer are designed such that it provides accurate information in an easy to comprehend manner and covers every single aspect of the software while highlighting the key features or advantages of the software.

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Our Approach

Creating software manuals can be quite a challenging task and hence it is imperative to understand the features of the software before creating the software manual. To overcome this challenge, the approach that we use is to work in tandem with software developers to understand the intricate features of the software and to get an idea about how the software functions. Through an extensive interaction with the software development teams we are able to extend software manual writing services that not only highlight the key benefits of the software but it also outlines and informs end-users about the steps that need to be initiated to install the software under different platforms or operating systems. Thus, the software manual writing services provided by us is pertinent and helps the organization to achieve its objective of familiarizing the software product to end-users.

Our Offerings

Software manual writing services that we offer would comprise of the following:-

  • The team of experts at reknowly understands the requirements of the organization as well as the end-user while extending software manual writing services.
  • At the time of writing software manuals, we refrain from using jargons and ensure that the language is kept simple which makes it easy for the end-user to understand the instruction being conveyed.
  • Content presented within the software manual is supported by appropriate images and screenshots that help the end-user to easily navigate through the myriad features and functions.
  • Our software manual writing services prevents any ambiguity by limiting the length of the sentences and keeping instructions short and succinct.

reknowly Advantage

  • Technical Knowledge: The team of experts who are entrusted with the task of writing software manuals has ample technical knowledge which makes it easy for them to understand the software specifications when they are presented with inputs by the software development team.
  • Structured Content: Software manual writing services that we extend is meticulously planned and the content is structured such that it makes it easy for end-users to navigate through the software manual.
  • Timely Delivery: Software manual writing services that we offer is designed to adhere to the timelines as specified by the client. This would enable the client to launch their software on the prefixed dates.
  • Use of Graphics / Screenshots: Software manuals that we create are adequately supported with the help of appropriate images that graphically depict a specific feature and screenshots are also incorporated that familiarize the end-user about the interface that they would be presented when initiating a particular action.
  • Better Resource Utilization: By engaging our services for creating software manuals, clients can ensure that their key resources are involved in activities that they are best equipped to handle instead of focusing their energies on writing software manuals for which they may not be qualified.


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