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Marketing in the present dynamic environment can be termed as turbulent owing to the diverse platforms that are available for marketing. This has prompted marketing leaders to rethink and remodel their marketing strategies. Today marketing has replaced face-to-face interaction with 95 percent less human interaction in business than we had thirty years back. The common assumption since ages has been that initially customers considered several potential brands and then systematically narrowed down their options until they decided on a product that was most suited to their requirements. Following the purchase, a customer’s association with the brand was restricted to deriving the most out of the product or service purchased. But, this is not the case and it is a well-known fact that customers include or exclude brands in a process of extensive appraisal. A product continues to be evaluated long after its purchase through an open ended relation with brands, as individual product experience is shared online. With the availability of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and several others, it is now possible to market a product and create engagement with customers. Marketing when done through digital platforms facilitate a two way communication between the service provider and the customer which enhances and enriches customer experience. But it is necessary that the digital marketing content is terse and powerful.
Most businesses do have a social media presence, but they are not aware about the content that can drive their digital marketing initiatives. reknowly offers digital marketing content writing services which is concise, effective and helps the business to drive home their message. Digital marketing content writing services that we extend is powerful enough to captivate the interest of the customer and compel them to initiate action.

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Our Approach

We adopt an innovative approach in extending digital marketing content writing services where our digital marketing content is customized for each individual digital platform. We understand that the ‘one size fits all’ approach cannot be applied when providing content for digital marketing platforms. This is simply due to the fact that what works on LinkedIn may not work on Facebook or Twitter. Hence, digital marketing content that we create is customized on several parameters. Digital marketing content is created by us while taking into account the kind of audience that the business intends to target. If the business is keen to market its products and services exclusively to the youth, we create digital marketing content that will target platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In case, the intended audience is businesses and professionals, digital marketing content is created for LinkedIn. We also focus on creating product specific groups on each of these platforms where digital marketing content is created keeping in mind the kind of audience that make up a particular group.

Our Offerings

Digital marketing content writing services that we extend would involve:-

  • Customized digital marketing content that targets business-to-business (B2B) segments, where content is specifically created to cater to the requirements of the B2B segment. The digital marketing content for B2B uses a formal and professional tone to derive maximum results.
  • Our digital marketing content writing services is frequently updated depending upon the needs of our clients.
  • Digital marketing content created is focused on meeting the requirements of the business-to-consumer (B2C) segments. Since the focus here is on consumers, we create digital marketing content that is both formal as well as informal that is appealing to customers.
  • Digital marketing content is supported with appropriate images, graphics or videos that emphasize the product features or draw attention to the business on the whole.

reknowly Advantage

The style of writing adopted by our annual report writing services experts is such that it is at par with international standards.

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  • Domain Experts: Our team of digital marketing content creators is highly proficient with ample knowledge in diverse industry domains. They understand the uniqueness of each digital marketing platform and create customized content.
  • Engaging Content: Digital marketing content created by us is designed to facilitate engagement with the customers. Engagement is created when content is based on specific themes while keeping in mind the key objectives of marketing.
  • Latest Trends: Digital marketing content that we create is in tandem with trending topics and themes. Our digital marketing content writers weave a compelling message based on the latest trends to pique the interest of the customers.
  • Cost Effective: Digital marketing content writing services that we offer is precise, relevant and cost effective. Thus, businesses can avail our services without exceeding the budget allocated for digital marketing initiatives.


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