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Businesses exist with the sole objective of providing a target market with a product or service. With this objective businesses are known to create superior quality products or offer superlative services to customers however, until and unless the target customer is aware of the existence of a specific product or service, the scope for achieving success is non-existent. Success can only be achieved when the intended customer is aware of the existence of a product or service. This warrants the need for marketing communications. Businesses are known to thrive on the basis of their marketing initiatives. Marketing has emerged as a significant tool that creates product awareness and disseminates information regarding products and services amongst the intended audience. While marketing enables a business to sell their products and services, it is directly responsible to foster the growth of the business through an augmentation in the sales thereby increasing revenue. Marketing can be executed through various mediums but a large portion of marketing today is content driven. Content driven marketing can be facilitated through several marketing collaterals such as; sales presentations, brochures, websites and digital marketing.
reknowly enables businesses in creating marketing collaterals that are designed to create an engagement with the intended audience and highlight the salient features of the products and services being offered. reknowly offers marketing collateral creation services where the focus is on making the maximum impact on the minds of target customer through various marketing collaterals.

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Our Approach

reknowly adopts a holistic approach in extending marketing collateral creation services where understand the significance of marketing collaterals in the current competitive environment. Our focus is on creating integrated marketing collaterals that are imperative for the success of any business. The objective behind creating integrated marketing collaterals is quite simple where we aim to interlink all communication conveyed in each collateral in a cohesive manner that ensures the objectives of the business is in alignment with the changing needs of the market and the target customers. The approach to creating marketing collaterals adopted by us is such that it helps the business to consolidate its brand, facilitates in creating dialogue with customers and nurtures the businesses relation with potential customers. Our marketing collaterals are designed to have a wider reach and create the most impact.

reknowly Advantage

The style of writing adopted by our annual report writing services experts is such that it is at par with international standards.

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The advantage presented by reknowly lies in the fact that we opt to create marketing collaterals that are integrated rather than adopting an un-integrated approach where the message communicated is disjointed and defeats the whole purpose of the marketing collateral. Other advantages that we offer would include

  • Specialized Experts: Our experts are highly proficient in creating riveting marketing collaterals on the basis of their profound marketing knowledge and experience in diverse industry sectors.
  • Creative Writing Skills: Our team of creative writers is known for their ability to create information within marketing collaterals in a manner that captures the interest of the customer and compels them to initiate action.
  • Meticulous Research: Prior to creating integrated marketing collaterals, our team of marketing experts conduct a meticulous research to understand the USP of the product or service, identify the target market and analyze the competition.
  • Cost Effective and High Quality: Marketing collateral writing service offered by us is cost effective which ensures that businesses do not exceed their marketing budget. At the same time, we maintain high quality within marketing collaterals at all times.

Sub Services

Marketing collaterals are of various kinds and we are experts in creating the following marketing collaterals.

Sales Presentations: Sales presentations are an intricate component within any marketing initiative and are one amongst the several marketing collaterals. There are several elements that go into making an effective sales presentation which would include; the content, facts and figures, sales projections, sales plan and the overall presentation.reknowly enables organizations to create powerful sales presentations that enable the organization to make an impact and achieve their intended objective.

Brochure Content: A brochure is an integral marketing collateral that can help a business to showcase their organization on the whole, its aims and objectives and also highlight the products and services that it offers. Brochures are printed marketing collaterals that can create an impression on the minds of the customer or stakeholders. reknowly facilitates organizations to create mesmerizing brochures that involve the use of content as well as info-graphics in equal measures. The robust design team at reknowly is adept at creating captivating brochures that add to the aesthetic value.

Website Content: A website is an important marketing collateral that holds much significance in the present digital era. A website establishes an organization’s presence in the digital domain. Since websites are not bound by any geographical border, it can be accessed by people from any corner of the globe. This aspect makes it imperative that the content included within the website is relevant, succinct and precise and is presented in an appealing manner. reknowly offers website content development services that can help businesses to convey the right message to national as well as international audience in the right manner.

Digital Marketing Content: Digital media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube have emerged as the preferred medium for marketing in the current digital age. These mediums can only prove to be an effective medium for marketing if they are used in the right manner. A ‘one size fits all’ approach may not work here as what works on LinkedIn may not work on Facebook. reknowly understands the myriad requirements and formats that apply to each of these digital platforms and helps businesses in creating appropriate content that are bound to make an impact from a marketing perspective.


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