Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By placing an order with reknowly, you are in conformity and bound by the terms and conditions mentioned below.


The Client:The individual or the business entity requesting the assistance and services of reknowly to meet their corporate content creation and writing requirements.

reknowly: Primary corporate content development and service provider

General Policies

  • reknowly will commence the business content developing writing assignment only when the client sends the agreement either by mail or email or only after making appropriate payment for the project. The payment terms are detailed in the later part of this terms and conditions,
  • reknowly will not disclose any confidential information and company data provided by the client for the purpose of writing corporate content documents. reknowly agrees to take sufficient precautions to avoid unauthorized disclosure of confidential company information.
  • reknowly agrees to create 100% original and plagiarism-free content based on the specific requirements of the client. reknowly’ stringent quality process will ensure the creation of plagiarism- checked unique contents by utilizing the company information and relevant data submitted by the client.
  • The Client cannot alter the word count for the assigned project once the assignment is approved and work has commenced, unless when the client wants specific sections to be added or deleted
  • The client agrees to provide all accurate and correct information, corporate data and materials relating to the product or services offered by the client company to the reknowly within the set deadline.
  • reknowly will not be liable for the incorrect data and other relevant materials provided by the client about the company’s business operations.

Project Deadline Policies

reknowly and Client shall agree to a mutually arrived deadline schedule for creating corporate content documents as per client requirements before commencing work on the assigned work.

reknowly is committed to meet the deadline agreed upon and expect the client to provide necessary inputs and data for completing the work on time. Project deadline will be rescheduled in case of delay or failure on the part of the client to submit the required content information within the agreed time.

Company Data Requirements:

  • Relevant statistical data and other necessary company information are to be furnished by the client at the time of ordering the specific corporate content development project.
  • Statistical data needs to be entered in excel sheet, and all vital document support for creating custom corporate documents need also be provided. If the client gives the required data as hard copy or audio files, relevant services charges for file conversion and data entry will be levied.

Payment Terms

The cost agreed upon by reknowly, and the client is based on the requirements given by the client in the content development assignment proposal. Any changes made by the client in the submitted requirements or delays in submitting the necessary inputs and other critical data by the client will result in relevant changes in the project cost estimation.

  • For Corporate content writing projects such as corporate profile writing, Corporate History writing, case study writing and Whitepaper writing we take 100% advance payment.
  • For other projects like Business plan development, Annual Report writing, and company report writing, we accept two installments.
  • The client has to make 50% of the accepted project rate at the commencement of the project. The balance amount can be paid at the time of final delivery of the assigned project after making suitable revisions.
  • The content, graphics, statistical tables and figures remain the property of reknowly unless the client pays all the outstanding payments in full.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

The client can cancel the assigned project by communicating the same to reknowly in writing that must bear the official signature of the client. A valid cancellation of the assigned project in the middle stage will take place on mutual agreement basis, only after reknowly received the full and complete payment for the work completed in the assigned project.

Client Support process

reknowly value your critical time required for your business purposes and arrange prior appointments for speaking to our subject matter experts associated with your project.

  • Access to our experts at admin department and technical support is available between 9AM-9PM
  • reknowly dedicated team of customer support will answer all your service related queries within 24 hours of placing the specific question or request.
  • Our project coordinator designated for your project will provide you constant updates relating to the progress of your corporate content development assignment and on various inputs and material requirements from your end.
  • Our subject matter experts will be able to answer your queries relating to the technical details of the project and not on the payment matters.
  • For any clarification relating to the payment details or other delivery schedule details, you are requested to take the assistance of your designated project coordinator.


reknowly expects sufficient feedback from the client regarding the projects completed and dispatched to the client.

  • reknowly offer a grace period for the client to make a request for a change in the contents developed or in written corporate documents.
  • reknowly agrees to make sufficient revision of content development work to meet the desired requirements of the client as specified before the commencement of work. Any additional changes made to the client requirements after the commencement of the work will be considered an additional work and charged separately.

Payment for revisions are listed below

Period of revisions Payment terms
Within 15 days from the date of final dispatch Free (only for minor modifications)
Between 15-30 days from the date of final dispatch 10% of the payment committed
Between 30-45 days from the date of final dispatch 25% of the payment committed
Up to 60 days from the date of final dispatch 50% of the payment committed
Above 60 days from the date of final dispatch Will be considered as a new requirement

The terms and conditions mentioned above only apply to corporate content development writing service provided by reknowly. Separate terms and conditions may bind other projects or services offered by reknowly.